The purpose of the seminar is to know how technology has evolved and to showcase new developments which enables student to choose right path and fill skill gap in the industry.

What you'll learn

Technology is growing faster than ever in the history. Are you behind ? Be in the present and create the future. Learn whats happening around by industry experts and stay connected.

By the end of the seminar, you will know:

What's happening around us in technology space? How it is changing the world and future?

Introduction to Machine learning, Data Science, Analytics and AI.

Career and opportunities in AI.

Career counseling and Interview grooming.


Trends in Technology

What's happening around us in technology space? Which field is going to create more jobs and how? Many more technology trends.

Intro to Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

  • The industry is running high on Artificial intelligence and data science. why?
  • Introduction to Machine learning, Data Science, Analytics and AI.
  • Voice-Driven Applications, Chat Bots and Other AI applications and use cases.

Opportunities in AI

  • Jobs
  • Benefits
  • Work Culture

Career counselling

  • Interview Grooming
  • Building Career Road Map
  • Gist of Real World Interviews
  • Soft Skills


We are planning to conduct the workshop at very reasonable price and that depends on number of students register.


Our teaching team consists of the best data scientists with 4-10 years of industry experience working for leading data science companies. Get to learn Data Science from an Industry experts spread across MNC's core data science team.

All our data scientists have worked on various Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial intelligence projects by applying state of the art techniques. They are experts in Python, Spark and Tensor flow with deep knowledge of statistics and algorithms.

Few of them have got masters in Management and are certified Data Scientist from prestigious University and few of them are authors and speakers.

Hurry Up! Grab your chance to learn directly from industry experts to acquire the hottest jobs of this era.