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Advanced Python Programming

Python is the go-to programming language nowadays. Python has lot of libraries to ease your development. In this course, learn python programming for big data technologies, Analytics and most importantly data science.

Business Analytics

Business analytics is all about asking the right business questions and finding the answers using historical data. Learn to find answered from industry experts using tools like R and python along with statistics, maths, supervised and unsupervised techniques to generate actionable insights.

Data science and AI

Data Science is the sexiest job this century and we all know how its creating ocean of opportunities. Learn end to end Data science theory and use cases from industry experts to move up in your carrier. It includes statistics, maths, regression, classification, advanced machine learning algorithms, deep learning, natural language processing, image processing, recommender systems and many more.

Natural langauge processing

Natural language processing is another vital part of Data Science and AI where we are exacting insights out of unstructured text data. Learn how to deal with text data using machine learning and deep learning.